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Q. Where do we make our bouquets?

A. Everything is made at our Flakery in Edison, New Jersey. From making the batter and buttercream to baking the cupcakes to assembling each bouquet.

​Q. Customizing bouquets?

A. To place an order for a custom bouquet, just give us a call or visit our store. The decorator will get a feel for what you want to express and will work with you to design the perfect bouquet for your occasion.

Q. How long does it take?

A. For our standard collections we can usually make something for you by the time you get here. Have a big event or need something custom? Call and ask to speak with an event specialist at 732-903-4600.

Q. How do I transport my bouquets?

A. Our bouquets come in our special boxes. Just keep it flat in your car and it will travel perfectly.

Q. Do my bouquets need to be refrigerated?

A. Your bouquet does not need to be refrigerated. They are baked fresh so you can leave them at room temperature and they’ll be good for a few days.

Q. Do we service events and weddings?

A. Yes, absolutely! You can setup a consultation to come in and meet with a decorator to design your bouquet and try the cake. See getting ready for your consultation for advice on dealing with us or any vendor in planning your wedding.