Are your corporate gifts going to waste?

It is sometimes hard to know when to send gifts to clients. You might think that just before the holidays and occasions like Christmas are a must. The truth is, these gifts can build up and start to be a hefty cost on your business, so sending a gift at the right time is very important.

Let’s talk holidays. You might feel compelled to send your clients gifts just before Christmas, it makes sense right? From the gift-delivering perspective, we can tell you: there’s a better way!

Company Gifts

What we see during holiday deliveries:

Offices are bombarded by food and other gifts. They are consumed by corporate parties, preoccupied with client outings, and overwhelmingly stocked with cookies, cupcakes, bouquets, etc. Another food assortment gift? Put it in the break room.

Surprise Gift 

Now consider this. You send a gift a month or two before your typical holiday gifting schedule.

Everyone is stuck in their everyday routines and in comes in a delivery person with a gift box. The only gift box in the office, one that is sure to be noticed.

“Cookies? Who sent them?” The office perks with the potential for an unexpected snack.

We have to admit that we believe our company’s gift solution is a bit different. A Baked Bouquet is so unique that it will likely be noticed regardless. But here are a few of our tips on the best times to send gifts:

“There is no better gift than one that is not expected.”

Think About It

If you’d really like your gift to be sent around the holidays, wait until everyone gets back in January. Send them a pleasant surprise to keep the celebration going!

Valentine’s Day: Another fun time to send a little love your client’s way. One of our best customers convinced us of this. His favorite card is, “Sharing this gift during this time we share our love to those closest to us.”

Before Thanksgiving: One of the most universal (and food-friendly) holidays in the U.S. Not to mention fall flavors: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg… 

In conclusion, it is the thought that counts. However, sending during that peak holiday time is an expected gift. Think outside of the box to really wow your client!