Corporate Gifts With Personality

You’ve just landed a new client. You appreciate their business and you want them to know. You’d like to send a gift and a short Thank You card as a gesture, but you don’t want to sound like another corporate drone.

Common sense might suggest that you send a corporate gift with the message, “Thank you for your business…” or something along those lines.

We at Baked Bouquet believe that a personal touch in these interactions can go a long way. Many of our best and brightest bouquets are gifted to clients, bosses, and across the business sphere, so we’ve seen our fair share of Thank You card trials and triumphs.

Business is about relationships. Creating trust and mutual respect between you and your clients or associates should be a priority. Gifts or Thank You cards that are only concerned with the financial benefit of the transaction can feel tacky and in bad taste. Both parties are aware that you appreciate their business, it doesn’t have to be spelled out on a card.

Here’s an example of the run-of-the-mill “Thank You” card, that just doesn’t hit home:


Be Thoughtful

Think of an anecdote or fact they told you about themselves. Well wishes are never a bad option and add a human element to the gift.


Be Personable

Write something you might say in person. It’s refreshing! 


Be Flattering

Don’t be afraid to gush a bit – just keep it classy!


Next Time

Everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is to learn and adapt. We hope this article helps you with your client relationships. Thanks for reading! Drop a comment below if you have any interesting gifting stories you’d like to share.