Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Professional

Get Your Fun On

Planning your Wedding or Special Event should be fun (mixed with a little stress, but mostly a great experience). Your vendors and consultants are there to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Here is what you can do to be better prepared and get the best results and make the process smooth.

Feel Comfortable 

You should enjoy working with your professional and you should always feel better after meeting with them. If you don’t, it might be you, your vendor, or maybe just not the right chemistry. Regardless, feel free to move on. There are plenty out there. The relationship you have is just as important as the results. Remember, getting married or preparing for another event is an experience that should be enjoyed.

Budget Considerations

A good consultant will understand you have a budget. If you feel pressured you are not in the right place. Do both of yourselves a favor and establish a budget very early on in the process. Don’t be shy. We are creative experts. And we might not be able to create a $4,000 cake for $350 but we should do the best we can to understand what you like about that $4,000 cake and bring elements of it to your creation. For example, a bakery should offer to use dummy cakes on the bottom layers to get you closer to your result at a lower price.

I personally never turn anyone away. I always try to find a solution. I find working with budgets a challenge and part of my reputation and expertise.

Visuals, Visuals, VISUALS 

Nothing is harder than trying to interpret words into a visual. When creating edible centerpieces at Baked Bouquet having any inspirational pictures of anything helps get our creative wheels turning.

Flower Bouquets: Pictures of flower arrangements are the best. While, I feel I can create anything for a client it might not be in the budget. But I can replicate the emotion and feel of a flower bouquet with cake.

Invitations: Sometimes, invitations say the most. You can explain that your are going for a “modern contemporary” look. But upon seeing your invitation, it actually might be “Art Deco” to a trained eye.

Anything else?: Any other pictures, samples of dresses, pictures of lighting you like, the venue hall you have selected, etc.. that will help us understand the “feel” of your event. You can even include some of the music you will be playing. On one occasion I had a client tell me that their wedding will be featuring “Cool and the Gang” a 70’s R&B group if you are too young to remember. To me that said it all.

Balancing Fun with Reality

But be realistic. If you are comfortable that your consultant understand you let them lead the way. You should have a good general idea of what will be the final result if you are in the right hands. For me, getting to know you personally helps the most. That intangible connection allows me to understand what has made you happy in the past. That is the way I can know what you are actually envisioning