I hope this is an
awakening.  I hope this is an opportunity.  What we saw in George
Floyd’s death was not a surprise to many.  There are neighborhoods that
people feel protected and neighborhoods that people are afraid of being stopped
by the police.  This is not as simple as some officers are better than
others.  This country has had a problem from its inception.  It is in
all of us to some degree.  There is bias in everything we see and are fed.

I just hope that this is
a new awakening for everybody.  With NO APOLOGIES I completely support
this movement.  Many of my customers may not.  To them, I say that I
see a lot of officers kneeling and showing the best of humanity.  There
are a lot of racist police but there are also a lot of racist people. 
Some people become police.  I hope this movement makes us understand the
frustration of black people in our country and the circumstances they are faced

Of course, “All lives matter”.  But we
must realize this statement is wrong.  Right now, there is a movement to
point out the injustice and unfair treatment of black people by
authorities.  That is why it is called Black Lives Matter.  

is how a 18 year old explained it:
“If your friend gets a
cut on their arm are you gonna wait to give all your friends” a Band-Aid
first “because all arms matter?” she asked. “No,” she said,
adding that you would help your friend who was bleeding because they are in
pain and in need.
Billie Eilish

“all arms matter”, would be insulting the person who got the cut,

This struggle has been
going on for a long time.  People have risked and lost their lives for
equality.  We just might be at the point where everyone can fight for it
in safety because of the sacrifices of those before us.  Somehow this video
is having causing a different reaction.

I hope this makes us stronger and
better.  I thought this was going to be the year of the virus.  I
guess we were wrong.

Thank you,
Wissam Elgamal