Myth About Wedding Bouquets

Are Wedding Centerpieces Overpriced?

Okay, so you bought a great flower bouquet for your friend who just a had a bad breakup at a decent price. Now you are getting married and it may seem that the same bouquet goes 20% to 100% more for your table. Are you being ripped off? Maybe or maybe not.  Here’s why wedding centerpieces may seem more expensive.

Consultation & Planning

When a florist sends a flower bouquet on your behalf it is a much easier process. Typically you may select a bouquet online or call into the florist directly. You quickly work together to pick a bouquet or you have on selected from their website.

Attention to Detail

When you plan your wedding there is a thought process that goes into designing your bouquets. Everything becomes more specific and the attention to detail grows exponentially. I find that I may have to shop for the exact vase and materials quite a bit.


Everything is at the florist, they generally pick flowers that are reasonably priced and readily available at the time. When you bring in a picture of a certain bouquet that you would like it is hard to know what the price of those specific flowers will be at the time. Getting the scales of the bouquets and flowers and vases all perfect becomes a real task.


You are also paying for expertise and creativity. I don’t think this is worth it except for high end designers whose skills and experience are really useful. But if you don’t see truly great work in their portfolio, then why bother paying for the time and effort?

There is one really big tip that I think is priceless: You can’t pick the right flowers without knowing what the lighting is going to be like. See “Lighting and Centerpieces, how everything changes when centerpieces enter your hall”. A great florist should know that!


You figured out by now that there is a lot of pressure associated with events. Making twenty bouquets for pickup, no problem. Making twenty centerpieces for a wedding or event, that changes everything. Events require professionals at every level. I always need to have a contingency plan for Baked Bouquets getting to the event safely. Car accidents, traffic, unusually warm weather, getting the flu.

You, You, YOU

Most importantly, the customer service. Making the bouquets is only 50% of the job. The other 50% is making you feel special and understanding all your concerns; something that doesn’t exist when making your bouquet for your friends bad breakup.

Conclusion – are you being ripped off? 

The only way to know is the compare different designers and their portfolios, years of experience and quality of service. You can get centerpieces at similar prices to everyday bouquets but you have to be flexible keeping everything above in mind.