Reasons to Send a Baked Bouquet

Sad Truth is Flowers Die

The problem with flowers is, they die! Our bouquets are enjoyed to the very last bite and show that you took the extra minute to think outside the box and buy a present with a twist.

Send a gift with class.

There’s something perfect about a bouquet that is not actually a bouquet. Bouquets can be too aromatic, or wilt away in a few days. They can sometimes feel too formal or serious. A cupcake bouquet is fun and unique, without losing the touch of elegance of a full bouquet.

Know your delivery is fresh and cared for

Our staff is creating and delivering buttercream confections every day to send out fresh and beautiful to customers. Food or gift assortments via postal service can be damaged or lead to questions about perishability. At Baked Bouquet, delivery conditions are a priority. Our delivery staff walk in with an elegant white box, sporting a chef coat.

Talk to real people, not robots!

A Baked Bouquet is a unique and personal gift. We match this with unique and personal customer service. No one wants to worry about a gift gone wrong or not being able to contact a real person (not a robot) with any issues they might have. Call us (add mobile hyperlink on “Call us”) at the store during our regular hours for any inquiries or concerns, and talk to one of our attentive staff members.

They’re delicious! 

Our buttercream topped cupcakes come in 4 flavors: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and a seasonal (autumn is pumpkin of course!). You don’t sacrifice taste when you go for presentation with us, we know that at the end of the day, it’s the cupcake that counts.