Scavenger Hunt

So, it’s your significant others birthday and you want to surprise them with something nice. Or they have just been super amazing lately and you want to show them that you still like them despite the hangry fit you got into the other day upon returning home from work with no food in the house.

Gift giving is a love language and if the gifts are a surprise it will blow them away even more.

I mean who doesn’t love a surprise?

Not the, “Surprise! You got a ticket because you forgot to pay your meter,” surprise. But the, “Hey, I love you thanks for dealing with me,” surprise.

The point is, a scavenger hunt is a perfect way to keep things fun and exciting. You can spend lots of money, be savvy and creative, or do both. Then all you have to do is hide the gifts around the house for them to discover when you are not there.

Here is a step by step guide to how I set up my scavenger hunt birthday surprise. And if you haven’t seen the video, here’s how I did it.

STEP ONE: Buy the Gifts

About six to ten gifts. They can be as small as her favorite candy or as big as a tennis bracelet. The point is not about the gifts; it is the journey in finding them. Don’t forget to wrap them. Presentation is key.

The Gifts I Bought

  • Balloons for the entrance
  • Placed a card next to them
  • Birthday accessories for her friends to wear when they come over
  • Pandora bracelet
  • Flowers, which are surprisingly hard to hide
  • Makeup kit from Sephora
  • A bottle of Pepsi
  • The battery for car key. I was supposed to do this a while ago.
  • Favorite banana pudding
  • Chocolates
  • The Queen Bouquet

STEP TWO: Get them out of the house 

It won’t be a surprise if you can’t get them out of the house. Make up some excuse to have them leave–just don’t scare them too much.

I told her my car was being towed. 

STEP THREE: Hide the Gifts 

Put the gifts in places that aren’t visible, but don’t make it impossible to find.  Some places to avoid; the toilet bowl, the garbage can, the hood of a car.

STEP FOUR: Leave Instructions

You can put some balloons on the mailbox or in your foyer. You can even decorate a room or write a message on the bathroom mirror (make sure you don’t use permanent marker). Inform them on a card that their gifts can be found through the scavenger hunt.

STEP FIVE: The Call  

Once they discover how amazing you are for setting up a fun and creative way to give them a gift, they will give you a call. Not only will they feel great because of the surprise, but you will also feel great for constructing a fool proof way to make someone happy.

Have an interesting gifting experience? Drop a comment below!

Good Luck!

Wissam from Baked Bouquet