Be Your Own Boss

Own Your Own Baked Bouquet Flakery

Starting a Business Is Never Easy

Getting Baked Bouquet off the ground has been a real challenge. 

I had this great idea of taking the cupcake bouquet to everyone. I knew it was a great idea but was not sure how to do it. But year after year, I saw that nobody was getting this right. I knew it was only going to happen if I took a shot at it.

So, I bought a bakery that went out of business and worked for a whole year figuring out what Baked Bouquet was going to be. I was not going to open the doors until I knew we had the best cake out there and when our bouquet boxes were opened up people were sure to be blown away.

The first year was a real challenge because people always thought we were selling flowers!

Then we went viral and since then we have capitalized on that momentum.

Now I Want to Share Our Secret

Now that I feel confident about this amazing gift, I know I can’t keep it to myself. The last three years have taught us so much and I would love the opportunity to share it with you.

It Takes a Village

We are taking it easy with our first two franchisees. We want to develop a personal relationship and work closely to make them as successful as possible. Baked Bouquet is my child and I know it will take a Village to raise it. Learn what it is like to own a franchise and see if this opportunity is for you.