Our Recipe

Never Baked a Thing

How is a guy who has never baked a thing in his life going to create a business that relies on baking?

That’s a question I had at the time. I couldn’t use an Easy-Bake Oven and I wasn’t going to settle for mediocrity. I wanted to have a great tasting product.

Testing Grounds

So, I bought a bakery that went out of business to use as my test laboratory for a year. I needed to figure out what Baked Bouquet was going to be.

All I knew was that those doors were not going to open until I was sure that our product was more delicious than any other cake out there. I had to be certain that when our customers opened our box they were blown away.


We use 100% pure buttercream and stick to a few cake flavors. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and maybe throw in another flavor here and there. Keeping things simple allows us to be precise.