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Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Be daring and pass on the flowers or supplement them with a Fresh Baked Flower Cupcake Bouquet from Baked Bouquet. Our edible flower centerpieces will reflect everything about you. When it comes to weddings, the sky is the limit. Before anything else, come in for a tasting. We guarantee that these centerpieces will taste better than they look! Afterwards, let’s get to know each other. It is really the best way to make sure that your design is just right for you!

Corporate Events

Our cupcake flower centerpiece bouquets are perfect for corporate parties and grand openings. Give us a logo, invitation, theme or better yet a phone call, and let us get started!

Small Events and Get Togethers

Having a few close people getting together...? Give us a call at 973-450-8200 or visit our store to discuss. For the reasonable budget, we can discuss modifying one of our standard collection bouquets to your taste. Charges for these fees are an extra $20 to $45 a bouquet.