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Frequently asked questions

  • Where do we make our Bouquets?

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    Everything is made at our Flakery in Verona, New Jersey. From making the batter and buttercream to baking the cupcakes to assembling each bouquet.

  • Customizing Bouquets

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    To place an order for a custom bouquet, just give us a call or visit our store. The decorator will get a feel for what you want to express and will work with you to design the perfect bouquet for your occasion.

  • How do I transport my Bouquets?

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    Our bouquets come in our special boxes. Just keep it flat in your car and it will travel perfectly.

  • Do my Bouquets need to be refrigerated?

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    Your bouquet does not need to be refrigerated. They are baked fresh so you can leave them at room temperature and they’ll be good for a few days.

  • Why don't we ship our Bouquets?

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    We don’t ship our bouquets because we want to make the bouquets the same day we hand deliver it! Our local customers also have the advantage of getting a bouquet the same day they order it!

  • Do we do events and Weddings?

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    Yes we do weddings and events. You can set up a consultation to come in and meet with a decorator to design your bouquet and try the cake. See getting ready for your consultation for advice on dealing with us or any vendor in planning your wedding.

About us

Who We Are

Who We Are We are your Bakery Florist. When you need to show you care, there is nothing better than a gift from Baked Bouquet™. Quite simply, our creations offer our customers a gift that is new and unique: baked cakes, truffles, ganache, and drizzled chocolate designed and arranged in the form of beautiful flower bouquets. Using the freshest and finest ingredients, we create delicious gift bouquets made daily for pick-up and hand delivery.

Our Bouquets

The Baked Bouquet™ Team designes from the top down: warm baked cakes meticulously topped with rich buttercream frosting, surrounded by intricate silk work and secured in a kale-wrapped casing. And if you thought we were done there, think again. We placed the entire piece in a chic glass vase, making this the most aesthetically delicious gift around. So why not gift seriously?

Our Recipe

From our delicious truffle creations to our rich buttercream frostings, we focus on innovating and elevating classic desserts using traditional ingredients. And if its not fresh, it has no business being in our shop.

Gluten Free* also Available

We firmly believe that adopting a gluten-free lifestyle shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality, flavor or choice. After all, who would want to eat desserts that are unexciting, flavorless and chalky just because they’re missing an ingredient? Definitely not us, which is why we have gluten-free creations, available for pickup or delivery on every day occasions, except special holidays.

*Special disclaimer:We try our best to ensure a gluten-free product - however, please keep in mind that our gluten-free desserts are baked in a facility that bakes wheat products. That means there’s a possibility that the dessert could come in contact with wheat gluten/proteins. We cannot guarantee that our desserts are 100% free of gluten - but we try our best.

How to Order

Our designs are made for any occasion. You can order online, over the phone, or directly at our bakery gift shop. We hand deliver in our vehicles and comes gift-wrapped in elegant white boxes. Same day delivery to certain zip codes. We prefer delivery orders to be made by previous day closing or via our website before 9:00 am If you have a special request, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate and create something awesome for you, because we are serious about gifting and serious about our customers. We do not accept time deliveries we will have all deliveries made to businesses during business hours and all other between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm. Once again if you have a special request we will do our best to help you care.

Pick-up Anytime

We always have a something waiting for you. Visit our bakery gift shop for that last minute occasion or treat for yourself.